Windy River Farm
Welcome to our farm! 
We are a bustling family of six.  My husband and I built our farm back in 2004.  We're lucky enough (or so I'm told) to have all boys. They love farm life. They help with some of our chores. They are no strager to mucking out a stall and they love the challenge of chasing down a loose goat.   
Currently our farm consists of our small herd of goats, mostly  Nigerian Nubian crosses. I like the size of Nigerians but the amount of milk a Nubian produces. We have a llama named Charlie. Many chickens so we can enjoy fresh eggs. A couple bunnies just because they are too cute to not have any. Our 4 dogs that are part of our family, and barn cats.

We try to live an organic, chemical free life as much as possible. I decided to research and learn about the use of essential oils. This combined with all of our goat milk led to the creation of Windy River Farm Salves. I try to create all the everyday essentials we could need using natural products and as few ingredients as possible. Now, I'm able to share these items with you!